• Personal Care
  • Respite
  • DME
  • Private Pay Services
  • Consumer-Directed Services
  • Care is dramatically less expensive than nursing home care
  • Allows the individual to remain in the home and to continue a lifestyle as close to normal as possible
  • Chesterfield County
  • Henrico County
  • Louisa County
  • Richmond City
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Elkridge Gathering Center

We want you to know that you can still be part of your immediate community; you have still the capacity to be involve in community developments and activities. With our passionate team, you are sure to be back on your feet and share your social skills with your neighbors and friends.

Our adult day support services provide assistance on:

  • Daily living
  • Socialization
  • Leisure
  • Recreation
  • Volunteering
  • Pre-vocational skills when in the community
  • Working with staff to reinforce individual strengths in the community or at the center
  • Personal care needs

If you wish to know more about our adult day support services, please feel free to call us anytime for inquiries. Our staff will be happy to hear from you.